AI012 – Wave Animator – Full DIY Kit

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Double Pulse Waveform Generator

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The AI012 Wave Animator produces two pulses per input wave cycle with voltage controlled pulse width, distance, and amplitude of the second pulse. This design was adapted (with permission and a few changes) from Ian Fritz’s circuit. Some changes were made to the circuit in development.

While the circuit is all analog, the pulse wave outputs have a range of timbres from analog wave folding to digital sounding chimes.

The Width of each Pulse is controlled by the Width knob and corresponding cv input.

The Distance between the second pulse and the first pulse is controlled by the Distance knob and corresponding attenuatable CV input. The resulting waveform can have two distinct pulses, or staircase style wave-shapes.

The Amplitude of the second pulse is controlled by the Amplitude knob and corresponding attenuatable cv input. It can be negative or positive in voltage value.

In addition to creating new audio rate waveforms, when used as a sequencer, the module can create interesting rhythmic variations when the pulses are used as triggers and cv is used to stagger the second trigger.

The AI012 Eurorack Wave Animator has an un-shrouded Header on the rear for connection to an AI011, which will normal the AI011’s saw wave to the input of the AI012 using a 5 to 5 pin idc cable. You can also use a Eurorack Power Cable. (Sold separately – more details in the manual.)


  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power Consumption: 13 mA +12V, 13 mA -12V

AI012 – Build Document | User Manual | Build Video

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