Shakmat Modular – Jeweler Cast – Full DIY Kit

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Flexible Waveshaper / Distortion / Ringmodulator

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The Shakmat Modular Jeweler Cast, provides you with a great variety of signal processing capabilities like ring modulation, wavefolding, distortion and crossfading. It is a great companion to any combo of VCOs or LFOs as it melts, bends, and chisels all types of signals, audio, or CV.

The Jeweler Cast is built of two independent sections, the MIX for crossfading and ring modulation, and the SHAPER for wavefolding and distortion. With this combination of features, this fully analog yet compact module can manipulate basic waveforms and complex signals in infinite ways.


  • Mix section crossfading between three sources including a ring modulator
  • Shape section acting as a wavefolder or a heavy distortion
  • Bypass (dry signal) of the shape section at minimum setting
  • Process audio or CV signals
  • AC coupling switch
  • Djtechtools rubber injected knobs
  • Skiff friendly


  • Width: 6 HP
  • Depth: 21 mm
  • Power Consumption: 75 mA +12V, 65 mA -12V

Jeweler Cast – Build Guide | User Manual

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