Apollo View – Curiouser – Full DIY Kit

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Curiouser is a 2 x input expander for Rabbit Hole

Multiple Curiouser modules can be daisy-chained to suit your mixing requirements.

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

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Curiouser is a 6HP expander for the Apollo View Rabbit Hole. Curiouser provides 2 x additional input channels. Each channel can either be sent to Rabbit Hole or used as a standalone VCA. When used standalone, the two channels are normalled to sum at the bottom output. Gain CV is normalled from Rabbit Hole. Multiple Curiouser modules can be daisy-chained to Rabbit Hole to suit your mixing requirements.


  • Expander for Rabbit Hole

  • 2 x inputs with vintage character OTA VCA

  • Each channel can be used as a standalone VCA

  • Attenuverters for CV inputs

  • All analogue signal path

  • Width: 6HP

  • Depth: 40mm

  • Reverse polarity protected

  • Power: +12V 60mA, -12V 12mA

More info:

Curiouser Build Document (all SMD already pre-soldered)

Rabbit Hole Manual

Block Diagram

Additional information

HP Size

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