Befaco – Crush Delay – DIY Partial Kit

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Echo-Delay unit based on PT2399 with a special talent for generating noisy-glitch textures

Note: This is a partial kit only. For the Full DIY Kit go HERE

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This is the partial kit of the Crush Delay module. Includes the PCB/Panel Set + Rare parts- see below for a full list of what’s included.

The Crush Delay is a special Echo-Delay unit based on the PT2399 IC, which is able to offer 400ms of clean delay and up to 2 seconds of dirty repetitions, having a special talent to generate noisy-glitch textures. This module bases its operation on controlling the PT2399 chip with circuit bending techniques, converting the unit in an advanced voltage controlled digital trash generator. This third version comes with some interesting new features like redesigned VCAs circuits, wider range for clean delay and reduced depth to make it skiff friendly.

The module features a few VCAs to provide flexible signal routing to maximize the module’s possibilities. The first two VCAs are at the inputs to control the amount of signal sent to the delay. The first is routed to both the dry/wet mix and the delay, and the second directly to the delay. Combining the second VCA and the FX Send output allows external feedback routing.

Compared with v2, this third version offers a bigger range of clean delay time as well as a revision of some of the Crush modifiers. Combining those modifiers you will have a access to a vast palette of noises and textures that can be used in many different ways. From ambient/drone patches to even percussion sounds.

The VC Feedback features an automatic gain control to help keep volume levels stable at any feedback level.

This Partial Kit contains:

  • 1x Crush Delay Panel / PCB Set
  • 5x Potentiometer Single gang 100k Linear PCB
  • 1x PT2399 Delay Audio IC DIP-16
  • 2x Knob Davies Dark Grey T36 Shaft
  • 1x Knob Big 25mm Dark Grey “MXR” T36 Shaft
  • 3x Mini Toggle Switch ON-ON SPDT
  • 12x Jack 3.5mm Mono PCB
  • 3x Toggle Switch Cap Red
  • 2x Knob Davies Red T36 Shaft
  • 5x Black Bananuts for Pots
  • 10x Black Bananuts
  • 3x Bananut Switch

Crush Delay – Build Document & BOM | User Manual | iBOM


  • Width: 11 HP
  • Depth: 30 mm (inc power connector)
  • Current needs: +12V: 135mA, -12V: 35mA
  • Aluminium, heat-treated front panel


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