FSS – Brunswick Synthesizer PCB

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Affordable semi-modular synth voice featuring 24-point patch-bay

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The Brunswick is perfect for those who want an introduction into the world of patchable analogue synthesis!

The Brunswick Synthesizer from Future Sound Systems is a newly designed, affordable synth voice with plenty of connectivity for exploration and integration with other devices. The Brunswick features a single VCO (Pulse & Sawtooth), multi-mode two-pole VCF and a character filled onboard VCA. The synthesizer also features it’s own internal LFO and envelope sections alongside FM inputs for the VCO and VCF. The Brunswick features a 24-point patchbay that allows for external voltage control over VCO pitch (v/oct) and envelope gate, as well as a slew of other inputs and outputs on 3.5mm mono jacks (see below for full list).



  • Full Synthesizer Voice
  • Pulse/Sawtooth VCO
  • VCO PWM & FM
  • 2-Pole VCF with FM
  • Internal Triangle & Square wave LFOs
  • Internal Envelope & VCA
  • PLL & Phase Comparator
  • 24 point Patch bay
  • Power: 2x PP3 9V batteries (+35, -20mA current draw)
  • Batteries not included
  • Dimensions: 194 x 120 mm

Patch bay I/O:

  • VCO 1V/Octave pitch control input
  • VCO PulseWidth Modulation input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCO FM 1 input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCO FM 2 input (normalled to Envelope output)
  • VCO “Sawtooth” output
  • VCO Pulse output
  • Phase Comparator input
  • Phase Comparator output
  • Phase Locked Loop input
  • Phase Locked Loop output
  • LFO Triangle output
  • LFO Square output
  • Low-Pass Filter input (normalled to switched VCO output)
  • Band-Pass Filter input
  • High-Pass Filter input
  • VCF output
  • VCF FM 1 input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCF FM 2 input (normalled to Envelope output)
  • VCA input
  • VCA output
  • VCA AM 1 input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCA AM 2 input (normalled to Envelope output)
  • Envelope Gate input (normalled to LFO Square output)
  • Envelope output

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Brunswick Flow Diagram

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