Clacktronics – Analogue Voltmeter – Full DIY Kit

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Analogue voltmeter module that measures +-10V


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Introducing the Clacktronics Analogue Voltmeter, the perfect addition to your modular setup for those seeking a touch of vintage charm and DC voltage signal monitoring. This kit provides you with the necessary driving circuitry and analogue meter, allowing you to seamlessly integrate a classic voltage needle meter into your rack.

The Analogue Meter not only adds a visually striking element to your modular system but also offers practical functionality. With its ability to measure slow signals ranging from +10V to -10V, you can now visualise the behaviour of your slow-evolving CV signals in real-time. Whether you’re working with complex modulation sources or fine-tuning your patches, the Analogue Meter provides a clear and intuitive way to monitor your signal levels.

As a bonus, the Clacktronics Analogue Meter features three buffered mult outputs, expanding your patching possibilities and ensuring that your signals remain clean and robust throughout your system. These mult outputs allow you to distribute your CV signals to multiple destinations without compromising signal integrity.


  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Power Consumption: 2 mA +12V, 2 mA -12V

Analogue Meter – Build Document – Note: All SMD comes presoldered | BOM | Downloads & Resources

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