DE-7 – Sleeper Awakes – Panel, PCB & Chip Set

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Dual channel lo-fi looping sampler

Note: this is a Panel, PCB & Chip set only – you must source the rest of the parts yourself!

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

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Sleeper Awakes is a 12HP dual channel lo-fi sampler based on the ISD1820 IC which is an old answering machine chip. This module is essentially a 2 channel version of DE-8 – Beyond the Bush of Ghosts

Each channel is identical and there is a mixer combining both dry inputs with the sampler outputs. The outputs of each individual channel contain only the sampler signal, and are cross
modulated by the channel next to it, so 1 and 2 modulate each others CV inputs. Inserting a cable into a CV in jack breaks this connection.

Each channel of Sleeper Awakes has a pitch knob with a dedicated CV attenuator and filter with lowpass to the left and high pass to the right.  There are also dedicated trigger inputs and tactile switches  for the record, momentary play and
full play functions. The trigger inputs need a +5v gate to be able to operate.

As a “bonus” the module features an electro magnetic stereo pickup made of inductors. You can use this to sample strange noises from your phone (or other electrical devices), which will rest on the module if mounted horizontally. The pickups are normalised to each input, so inserting a cable at the sampler input will remove the pickups from the circuit entirely.

This Panel & PCB set includes 2 x ISD1820 chips, you must source the rest of the parts yourself!

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

DE-7 – Build Document, User Manual & BOM

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