Expert Sleepers – 1U Display – Full DIY kit

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A full kit including the OLED display to fit a Eurorack 1U row

This kit is in the Intellijel 1U format

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This handy kit works as a mount for an OLED display to fit a Eurorack 1U row. It is 14HP and designed for the Intellijel 1U format. This project was mainly created for use with the Disting EX Eurorack module.

This is a full kit which includes all the parts required to build the 1U display, the screen colour is blue on black as shown in the images. The included connection cables are 18.5cm.


The project consists of the PCB and two connectors. One is a common through hole 7-way 0.1″ pitch header. The other is a surface mount 16-way 0.1″ pitch header. Note that the PCB footprint is for the 20-way SMD header (SSM-120-L-SV), but the kit includes a 16-way version which provides all the necessary connections. Make sure to place the header on the left ‘x2‘ side.

1U Display – Build Document

Use with disting EX

To use the 1U display with the Disting EX module, the firmware version needs to be updated to 1.14 or higher. Enable the second display in the Settings, and reboot the module. Note that the setting you are looking for is called “enable second display” and is not the same as “dual display mode”. The Disting EX needs to be rebooted for this setting to take effect.

On the disting EX, connections are mainly made to the FHX expansion header (GT2), with one connection to the ICSP header (for 3.3V power).  Note that the display draws it’s power through the Disting EX. Adding the display increases the disting EX’s +12V current draw by 20mA.












For any build support questions please use the forum.

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