Foxing Hour – Daisy – Panel & PCB Set

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Chainable Matrix Mixer

Note: This is a panel & pcb set only

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Sporting three channel sets of RGB balancing and chainable inputs, Foxing Hour’s Daisy is a flexible matrix mixer for handling video signals in a variety of ways. The three matrix inputs sport full and even extended control over each channel input, and the chain RGB input serves as an extension for normal use or to chain multiple Daisy’s together. Besides the expansion of finer detail in mixing and blending RGB, the chain input on each Daisy can be set to normal or inverted for tons of fun and creative color and brightness mixing. Broaden your luma and RGB mixing beyond basics with Foxing Hour’s Daisy.

Daisy partners well with an ACCESS module as well as SW6 – a passive switch expander module. With backside jumper cables, SW6 can be used to break out the negative and positive mixing options for the Chain inputs.

DAISY – Build Guide & BOM


  • Chainable matrix mixing module
  • RGB balancing on matrix and chain input
  • Alternate gain configuration
  • Chain input is good for passing from other Daisy’s in your system
  • Chain input can be inverted via rear jumper


  • 12HP
  • 42 mm deep
  • 57 mA +12V
  • 54 mA -12V


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