Foxing Hour – Luma – Panel & PCB Set

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RGB to Y Greyscale Converter

Note: This is a panel & pcb set only

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For utilizing any RGB signal throughout a video system, Foxing Hour presents Luma, an RGB to Y greyscale converter module that compactly fits stellar utility into 4HP. Starting at the top, Luma accepts any mix of R, G, and B signals and sums them down to an equally distributed grayscale “Y” output, representing the luminance intensities visualized and perceived by the human eye. Luma also features an inverted Y signal for opposite effects as well as a buffered RGB pass-through output to utilize elsewhere. Luma allows you to utilize RGB signals as luma signals for further processing, layering, and controlling elsewhere throughout your rack, making it a highly versatile tool for any video-synthesist’s rack.

LUMA – Build Guide & BOM


  • RGB to Y greyscale converter
  • RGB inputs that are normalized top-down
  • Y output representing equally luminance intensities of RGB input
  • Provides an inverted Y output and buffers RGB input for pass-through


  • 4HP
  • 42 mm deep
  • 16 mA +12V
  • 14 mA -12V


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