Foxing Hour – Shutter – Panel & PCB Set

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Triple 2:1 Video Multiplexer

Note: This is a panel & pcb set only

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Swap, blend, and mix and match multiple video-rate signals with Foxing Hour’s Shutter, a two-to-one video multiplexer to switch between full RGB signals or several luma signals. Shutter switches between channels A and B, with each channel containing enough inputs to host up to a full RGB signal, and any signal plugged into the top will normal downward so long as the path isn’t broken.

Shutter’s switching inputs are also normalled downward but can create complex modulations and video blending over the channels, and switching can be skewed via a modulatable threshold for static change or lively switches. Whether you’re trying to switch between two RGB signals or are creating massive and intertwining visual textures, Shutter can handle it.

SHUTTER – Build Guide & BOM


  • Triple 2:1 multiplexer module
  • Handle two RGB signals or two pairs of three independent luma-level signals
  • Switch responds to control-rate through video-rate signals
  • Voltage controllable switch threshold with attenuator
  • All inputs normal downward


  • 8HP
  • 50 mm deep
  • 64 mA +12V
  • 80 mA -12V

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