Ginkosynthese – Magma – Full DIY Kit

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Diode compressor with novel circuitry and a classic sound!

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Magma is a 10HP Eurorack compressor with novel circuitry and a classic sound.

The Magma uses feedforward diode-bridge compression which gives it a unique character. The Magma excels in providing punch, and can pump hard when set to extreme settings.

The interface is easy to control and designed for live performance – it’s easy to change the entire groove with just a few controls. The glass orb lights up like hot lava and visualizes the amount of compression being applied.

Sculpt your sound in even more detail with the cv and audio side chain inputs. The Magma aims to make compression both creative and fun!

Magma – Build Document


  • Width: 10HP
  • Power: +12v = 62mA, -12v = 57mA

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