Ksoloti – Gills – Full DIY Kit

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Gills is a standalone desktop unit using the Ksoloti Core

Ksoloti is an environment for generating and processing digital audio. It can be a programmable virtual modular synthesizer, polysynth, drone box, sequencer, chord generator, multi effect, sample player, looper, granular sampler, MIDI generator/processor, CV or trigger generator, anything in between, and more. More info on the Ksoloti can be found HERE

Note: You need to tick the box below to add the Ksoloti core PCB unless you already own one.

ADD - Ksoloti Core PCB

This PCB must be added in order for Gills to function, only leave unticked if you already have a spare Ksoloti PCB.

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Gills is a standalone desktop unit for the Ksoloti Core. By adding a bunch of tactile controls and input/output options, Gills enables the Ksoloti to be utilized as a full desktop instrument. This is a complete DIY kit to build the Gills including enclosure. Note: You need to tick the box above to add the Ksoloti core PCB unless you already own one.

The Ksoloti Core is a rework of the discontinued(?) Axoloti Core board. In short, Ksoloti aims for maximum compatibility with the original Axoloti, with some layout changes and added features. The Axoloti Core hardware board became unavailable at some point, but because Johannes graciously open-sourced the schematics (and since the global part shortage somewhat improved) it was possible to recreate a board nearly fully compatible to the original: enter the Ksoloti Core.

Using the Patcher software on your computer, you create your own sound patches by placing and connecting sound objects, or explore patches other users shared. You can edit any existing patches and even objects, or write entirely new ones from scratch. When you are satisfied with your patch, you can upload it to the Ksoloti Core’s internal memory – or save a collection of patches on SD card – so you can play it without your computer connected.

The fun really starts when you connect pots, buttons, LEDs or displays, sensors and more to control your patches and make Ksoloti a tactile and highly playable hardware instrument, and this is what Gills has been designed for.

Full information on getting started with the Ksoloti can be found on Ksoloti github here: https://ksoloti.github.io/

Gills can be powered either via 9-18V DC wallwart (center positive) or via USB. UK walwarts are available to purchase HERE.

Gills – Build Document | 3D model

All SMD parts on the Ksoloti PCB are already pre-soldered

Note: the volume pot for headphone jack is an optional add-on modification that is not included in this kit.


  • 1.3″ OLED screen, 128*64 pixels, I2C
  • 1 x encoder with switch
  • 10 x assignable knob controls
  • 4 x assignable buttons
  • 4 x LEDs: 2 “Axoloti status” LEDS, green & red. 2 fade-able dual-colour LEDs, red-blue
  • 2 x expansion jacks: 3.5mm stereo, no connection by default. can be wired to become additional analog/digital/expression pedal inputs, or analog/digital outputs
  • CV expander board is included as standard in all kits (uses the 2 expansion jacks): 2 synth-level CV outputs, +/-5V or 0..10V via solder jumpers, trimmers for scale and offset, V/oct precision
  • DIN MIDI input jack, DIN MIDI output jack (buffered). Input jack can be reconfigured via jumpers into buffered output (not an independent port though, i.e. still 16 MIDI channels overall)
  • 2  x line input jacks, 2 x line output jacks, 6.35mm mono
  • Line input stereo volume pot, line output stereo volume pot
  • Headphone output jack, 6.35mm stereo.
  • Ksoloti Core connectors brought out to the rear: Micro SD card socket, USB (Type-C) power/programmer connector, USB (Type-C) host connector
  • DC power input, 9-18V, common 2.1mm * 5.5mm plug, center positive
  • Can also be powered and completely operated via USB port
  • Full kit includes all parts and enclosure
  • Solder headers, pots, jacks, buttons, encoder, LEDs, OLED yourself – all SMD parts on the Ksoloti PCB are already pre-soldered
  • Kit requires Ksoloti Core to function – add it by ticking the box at the top of the page
  • Dimensions: 15.8cm x 10cm x 6cm (including knobs)

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ADD - Ksoloti Core PCB

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