Plum Audio – RackPlumber 1U – Full DIY Kits

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Send and Receive CV and audio signals between different points in your case or between two separate cases

Intellijel 1U tile format

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Video above shows 3U version – this page is for 1U kits.

RackPlumber is a patch cable remote extension solution for Eurorack modular.  Each RackPlumber kit includes two modules which are connected via ethernet (RJ45) cable – allowing for simple connections between large or spread-out racks, or between two entirely separate cases. A total of 8 x audio and/or CV signals can be patched simultaneously between each pair.

The RackPlumber has two ethernet connectors available per module – One on the front panel for connecting between two cases, and another on the back of the module for creating “shortcuts” inside a big rack. It’s also possible to chain a few RackPlumbers and achieve a passive multiple.

Jack LEDs monitor if there is a signal in each input, these LEDs are bypassed when a patch cable is inserted to prevent voltage drop. All kits include 1.5 meter long shielded network cable.

Note: the colour of the Jack LEDs may be different than in the picture

1U RackPlumber – Build Guide


  • Intellijel format 1U tile
  • Width: each module is 14HP
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Power: Passive (Module does not draw current)
  • 1.5 metre shielded cable included

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