150 x Thonkiconn & Knurled Nuts (FREE Nut Driver tool)

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Get our new knurled nut driver for free with 150 x Thonkiconn jacks & knurled nuts

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Buy 150 x Thonkiconn jacks & 150 x knurled nuts and get our new knurled nut driver for free!

We’ve just released a new knurled nut driver tool – and to celebrate we’re giving the tool away for free when you use this page to purchase 150 x thonkiconn jacks and knurled nuts. This deal is available through this page only – simply hit the “Add to Cart” button above. (The driver can be purchase on its own HERE).

The Thonk knurled nut driver can be used by hand or inserted into a 1/4″ hex head drive tool. It was designed specifically for the knurled nuts we sell on Thonk, as used on Thonkiconns and other jacks.

We have also tested that it works well with Befaco Bananuts and it probably works with a wide range of other brand knurled nuts that we haven’t tested too. We find they work very well just held between your fingers, but they also fit into a wide range of easily available, affordable and mainstream hand tools. We particularly like the Wera brand of bit holders and have actively been using the following two tools at Thonk.

  • An excellent and inexpensive choice is the Wera 813 – Part code: 05051274001 – Wera 813 on amazon
  • If you’re spending all day building modules then you might want to look at the expensive Wera Kraftform 7440 Torque screwdriver (Size Name: 1/4 Zoll, 0,3-1) – Wera Kraftform on amazon

A Torque setting of 0.45Nm is perfect for jacks and knurled nuts purchased from Thonk. A Torque tool really is overkill if you’re not a professional builder however, especially when using the bit between your fingers is perfectly adequate for most builds!

They will also fit in a wide variety of electric drills and powered drivers but we advise caution here. It is definitely possible to overdrive and destroy this nut driver with an overpowered drill. We haven’t found a huge benefit to using electric tools with these nut drivers and you do increase the risk of scratching your panel! If you want use a powered tool then we only advise using small and low powered battery powered units unless they have Torque limitation that can be set to around 0.45Nm.

The material is tough 40CrNiMo Steel. Heat treated to 40-50 HRC. Bright Black Nickel Plated. Made in China.

The Thonk knurled nut driver was designed by Tom Verschooten at ThreeTom Modular.

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