Unknown Devices – Sawari – Full DIY Kit

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Pre-amplifier with 3-band EQ and Envelope Follower

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Designed to integrate external signals into the modular world, Unknown Devices presents Sawari: a combination of preamplification, equalization, and envelope follower. Sawari is another take on Music Thing Modular’s Microphonie and Mutable Instruments Ears, but wait, there’s more!

Sawari offers up to 40dB of gain for high impedance instruments – great for introducing electric guitars, basses, or external contact microphones. From there, a three-band EQ provides everything from subtle shaping to extreme resonating frequencies. By default, each band offers up to 6dB of boost or cut, but this can be extended up to 12dB by pressing the EQ Boost button. Additionally, each EQ band has an individual output, offering creative flexibility for multi-band processing of the input signal.

Lot of features where kept (and amplified) from Ears (and Mikrophonie), Sawari also has a contact microphone under the panel and an envelope follower which can be now controlled with the attack and release potentiometers on the panel. The envelope follower can be set to either pre or post EQ with on a jumper on the back of the module—great for making precise frequency-based modulations. Sawari’s main output is processed through a diode clipping limiter, allowing for overdriven and hard-clipping tones. The main output sums the pre-amplified input or internal contact microphone with the modules auxiliary input as well.

Sawari – Build Guide


  • All SMD pre-soldered
  • High impedance preamplifier, up to 40dB gain
  • Built-in contact microphone
  • 3-band EQ, with tunable low and high shelf frequencies
    • Selectable gain range, +/-6dB or +/-12dB
    • Separate outs for each band
  • Envelope follower with attack and release time control
    • Pre or post eq selectable by a jumper on the back
    • Width: 8HP
    • Depth 25mm
    • Power: 35 mA +12V, 35 mA -12V

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