Visible Signals ‘Wrangler’ – Panel & PCB Set

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High bandwidth voltage processor/mixer with LED meter and second 0-1V clipped output

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Wrangler is a voltage processing module designed for manipulating and monitoring video synth control voltages.  It features a two-input (one of which is normally inverted) video signal mixer, panel controls for voltage offset and scaling to allow conversion to and from eurorack conventional +/-12V signal levels, a five-LED level meter to indicate output voltage range, and two buffered outputs (one with optional 0 to 1V video-range clipping).

This module is especially designed to make it easier to interface between video and non-video modules in a eurorack modular system.  The offset knob adjusts the output CV by up to +/- 10V, and the scale control ranges from dividing the input voltage by a factor of 10 to multiplying it by 10.  The LED meter on the panel lets you quickly see what the output CV is doing, so you can make sure your CVs are in the “sweet spot” before you connect them to the rest of your video or audio modules.  The LED meter responds well to both low frequency DC and high frequency (including video-rate) AC signals.

To read more about the Wrangler, check out the So what’s the Wrangler all about? blog post.

The information you’ll need to build this module can be found in the Wrangler Manual V0.4c.

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