Befaco ‘Kickall’ – Full DIY Kit

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Compact Synth Voice / Kick Generator

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Kickall is a 6HP compact synth voice that features everything needed to make a big fat kick-drum sound: A stable VCO that tracks V/oct, a couple of VCAs, envelopes for volume and pitch and an aggressive wave shaper.
The module has been designed with a kick synthesis patch in mind: VCO to VCA with an envelope to open the VCA and another one to change VCO pitch. As addition a CV controlled waveshapper has been added to the VCO and an extra VCA at the end of the signal path to control the volume of the sound to act as kind of an accent.

Build Document – Assembly Guide


  • Accurate V/oct tracking
  • CV controllable Sine to Square wave shaper
  • CV controlled envelope decay for main VCA
  • CV control over General volume (after VCA)
  • Wide range pitch envelope control



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