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Complex Analogue LFO

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The LFO20 is a complex analogue LFO for Eurorack in just 4HP. The module features simultaneous Square and Triangle outputs which can be waveshaped to saw and reverse saw with the waveform control knob.  There is also a bonus inverted Triangle output which is useful to eg: close one filter while simultaneously opening other ones, creating ping pong delays or controlling other modules in opposing phase etc.

There is a Reset switch with three positions. In the middle position the LFOs can be reset by sending either a trigger or gate signal to the reset input, (gate signals will be converted to triggers). Pushing the switch into the lower position allows for manually reseting the module, this position is momentary and the switch will automatically return to centre state . In the upper position the LFO outputs will stop working at every gate signal received at the Reset input, and when the gate goes low again the LFOs start working.

There is a speed switch with High and Low setting. On Low time you can reach over 1 minute cycle times which is great for super slow phasers, flangers or filters.

▼Download – Build Files & User Manual

▼Download – Build Photos

LFO-20 DIY – Modwiggler

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