Northern Light Modular – hMM – Partial Parts Kit

£22.09 (Excl. VAT)

Partial Parts Kit in the Buchla H Series Format

For full project details go here:

Note: this is not a full kit. Panel and PCB must be purchased from Northern Light Modular directly.

This kit includes:

B100K - Song Huei TALL Trimmer Potentiometer × 5

£0.85 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

B10K - D shaft - Alpha Vertical 9mm Potentiometer × 5

£1.42 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

Black Small Skirt D - Sifam Plastic Knob × 5

£0.86 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

Small Grey - Sifam Plastic Cap × 5

£0.20 (Excl. VAT) each

Out of stock

DW1 - SPDT ON-ON - Dailywell Sub-mini Toggle Switch × 4

£1.36 (Excl. VAT) each

In stock

Out of Stock


A partial kit for the mechanical parts to build a Northern Light Modular – Morphing Mixer – Model hMM

hMM is a 4 channel unity gain mixer with CV volume control and a kobol inspired Wave morpher to add extra grit. Channal routing via rocker switches

For full project details and Panel/PCB set visit

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